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Swimming Life ring, Life ring For Water Sport

Our company, Guangzhou Vigor Health Equipment Co., Ltd is professional in spa, sauna, swimming pool equipment.
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Product Detail

Swimming Life ring

In orange plastic, outer ø 730mm

Standard Weight:18.0kg
Standard Volume:0.330m²


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1) High quality with Low Price
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3) Commitment to our customers
4) Friendly staff
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6) Many years production and sales experience
7) One of the biggest company equiped with complete range of swimming pool and spa products
8) All products 100% tested

About Us
Our company, Guangzhou Vigor Health Equipment Co., Ltd is professional in spa, sauna, swimming pool equipment. We have been in this area for more than 15 years and our own factory is located in Qingyuan City. Welcome to visit our factory. We are sure to offer you a competitive price with the best quality in this market
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Subject : Swimming Life ring, Life ring For Water Sport

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