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  • Easy Operated Dispensing Chemical Chlorine Dosing System Ph And Orp Tester Swimimng Pool
    Easy Operated Dispensing Chemical Chlorine Dosing System Ph And Orp Tester Swimimng Pool
    240*200*120mm SIMPLE TO OPERATE The CCOREL 250 ORP/PH Digital Controller automatically maintains both sanitizer ORP(oxidation-reduction potential or redox) and water PH in pools and spas. All operation functions are clearly labeled and accessible from the front panel with safety easy-reset features not found on other controllers. The default PH control level is 7.0. Below 6.9, the water is too acidic and causes corrosion and eye irritation. Above 7.5, it is too alkaline and causes are irritation plus water cloudiness, scaling, stains and reduced sanitizer efficiency. The default ORP control level is 650mV, values for frevention of germs and bacteria.
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  • NQ Series
    Salt chlorinator without chemicals health to your skin and eyes.
    Salt Chlorinator For Swimming Pool Salt Chlorine Generator Products Description Safe and respecting the environment, salt water chlorinator brings you : Relaxation: Your pool is automatically disinfected; Safety: Reduction in chlorine storage and handling; Comfort: clean, safe and crystal-clear water; Health and well-being: therapeutic, saltwater does not irritate eyes and dry out skin. How pikes salt chlorinator cell controller work Easily installed into existiong pool systems,Our controller is the perfect match for your pool with its liquid crystal display and its ability to itegrate all types of pool maintenance functions. Your pool's pumps,chlorinators,lighting,solar heating and water quality are managed effortlessly for trouble free operation.SAELLITE guarantees perfect chemical levels and sparkling pool cleanliness. Our control is easily programmed for daily,monthly or seasonal requirements.its smart thermo-plastic housing is suitbale for fresh or salt water and can be installed away from your pool area. it's also has battery backup. Convenient swimming pool chemical feeders 1) No special venting required 2) Completely enclosed- no escaping gases. 3) Positive external no-clog control valve 4) Feeder is designed to automatically lower the water level so tablets are not soaking during off period of pump. This allows more efficient use of tablets. 5) No equipment damage. Feeder sanitizen directly to pool or spa. 6) All parts replaceable. 7) To prevent over feeding during use, completly close the control valve and the build in check valve will prevent chemical from being fed into pool or spa.
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  • Ozone  Generator disinfection system for pool
  • pool cleaning system
    China Hot Selling Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment Factory
    swimming pool cleaning equipment, we have many kinds about it, like pool vacuum head, vauum hose, telescope pole and so on
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