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    THE IDEA OF A RELAXING SOAK IN HOT WATER IS NOT NEW. FOR CENTURIES, HYDROTHERAPY HAS BEEN A POPULAR PASTIME FOR PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. ANCIENT CULTURES THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAVE ENJOYED THIS PRACTICE, ESTABLISHING THE BENEFITS OF HYDROTHERAPY FROM NATURALLY OCCURRING THERMAL SPRINGS TO ELABORATELY CONSTRUCTED BATH HOUSES. WHETHER FOR RELAXATION, RECOVERY OR CONNECTION TIME, SEE HOW HOT TUBS ENHANCE YOUR LIFE. THE POWER OF HYDROMASSAGE Hydrotherapy has a range of health benefits. The heat itself promotes circulation and speeds up removal of lactic acid, while the buoyancy of the water lifts the effects of gravity and takes the pressure off joints for pain relief. Hydrotherapy and hydromassage can be used to relieve the symptoms of a multitude of maladies including stress, arthritis, sleeplessness, fibromyalgia, lower-back pain, post-exercise soreness, and leg cramps/restless legs syndrome. While most people associate hot tubs with fitness and recovery, research supports the benefits of hydrotherapy for many Conditions, here’s a closer look at these afflictions and how JOYSPA® Hot Tubs can alleviate their harmful effects: Stress: Stress can originate from any number of life’s facets, including money, work, family, and health. And according to a report by the Mayo Clinic, the long-term activation of the stress-response system can disrupt almost all of your body’s natural processes and put you at increased risk for numerous health problems.1 But just 10 minutes in aJOYSPA®Hot Tub each day can dissolve stress and relieve headaches by increasing blood flow and soothing muscles. Lower back pain: In a 2012 survey conducted by the American Physical Therapy Association, nearly two out of every three Americans admitted to dealing with discomfort in their lower backs at one point or another. With so many individuals afflicted by this pain, it’s no wonder that the “Journal of Musculoskeletal Research” stated that hydrotherapy offers more potential benefits for those with lower-back pain, in comparison to land-based forms of exercise. Sleeplessness: If you suffer from bouts of sleeplessness, some time in aJOYSPA®Hot Tub can send you to snoozeville in no time at all. According to the Better Sleep Council, immersing your body in warm water helps create healthy sleep habits by relieving tension and stimulating circulation.2 Plus, when your body is cooling down after a hot tub session, your brain receives subconscious messages suggesting that you sleep. Post Exercise Soreness: Spending time in the gym can work wonders for your body, but sore muscles the day following an intense session can make movement difficult.That’s why strength and performance coach Jason Lindsay recommends hydrotherapy for every athlete. “From the professional athlete to the college athlete to your weekend warrior one of the most overlooked aspects of a training program for an athlete is recovery,” explains Lindsay. “We recommend hot Epsom salt baths and submerging the body and w...

  • How A Hot Tub Can Help You With Stress Management How A Hot Tub Can Help You With Stress Management


    We live in a busy, often demanding world, which can sometimes take its toll on our mental health. Every member of your household – no matter their age – has their own worries and stress, but what can you do to help your family manage this? Although we don’t know the exact answer to this question, as it can be difficult to deal with stress and anxiety, if you own a hot tub, a calming soak is a very good place to start. But how can a hot tub help you? Form stronger connections These frequent soaks in the Joyspa hot tub can significantly help you reduce any feelings of loneliness, which can contribute to stress and anxiety. A hot tub will very likely appeal to every member of your family, as it is a natural setting to reconnect with your loved ones without the burdens of everyday life. Soaking in your spa with the people you care most about allows you to have deep conversations, which may not always happen in your normal environment – building and strengthening relationships with your household. Relaxing together can also take away any external pressures, bringing everyone closer together. Relaxes the mind Taking some time for yourself and allowing yourself to relax in the comfort of your own hot tub can do wonders for your mental health. Spending time in a hot tub with your family is a completely stress-free experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the soothing effects of the warm water, which is known for being calming and soothing. For example, enjoying the hot tub in the morning can prepare your mind for a busy day or having a soak in the evening can help prepare your body for sleep. The massage jets will also help you physically relax, as well as emotionally calm down. No distractions In today’s modern age, there are so many stressful demands on your time and energy which makes it difficult to find moments to spend with those most important to you. By having a hot tub, this can push pause on any external distractions, including technology. You do not need to worry about phone calls, emails or social media. You can instead soothe yourself emotionally and bring positivity into your life Improve sleep Feeling better mentally often starts with a good night’s sleep, but feelings of stress can make you wake up frequently in the night. With no time to wind down at the end of your day, your body forgets when it is actually time to rest. If this is the case, we recommend using a hot tub during your downtime. Having a hot soak before you go to bed can relax your muscles, calm your nerves, and separate the evening from the cares of the day. The heat of the spa water will slightly raise your body’s temperature, simulating natural rhythms which make you drowsy, helping you to fall asleep faster. We are founded in 1999, which is a professional manufacturer in hot tub, swim spa. Our marketing center located in at 800 square meter business center with exhibtion hall, international trade department, domestic sales department in Baiyun District, Guangzho...



    Dear friends,the 124th canton fair in Guangzhou Exhibition already finished perfectly in 27th,Oct. Thanks all the customers’ support. We exhibited pool sand filter,pipeless filter,jacuzzi and some pool accessories.Especially our technology department have developed many newest models. Great to see our new and old customers and introduced them our newest products during the canton fair. We will be exhibiting in next CANTON Fair,looking forward to see you next year! Contact & Info: -WhatsApp:+8613928993901

  • Pool&Spa Canton Fair in China Pool&Spa Canton Fair in China


    Dear Friends, Welcome to visit us in pool and spa in Guangzhou Exhibition, we attend the first phase and second phase; Phase1: April 15th - 19th,2018, opening time:9:00-18:00. Booth : 12.1L20 Add.: Pazhou exhibition (No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China) Phase 2:  April 23rd-27th 2018, opening time:9:00-18:00. Booth: 9.0D09-9.0D13 Add.: Pazhou exhibition (No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China) We are Manufacturer of pool & spa equipment, one of the topest manufacturer in China. Anne: Email: ; WhatsApp: 0086-13928998562 Welcome to visit for us! Canton Fair 鳄鱼皮产品订制 鳄鱼皮包定做 鳄鱼皮官网 鳄鱼皮具 鳄鱼皮包专卖店 鳄鱼肉干批发 鳄鱼肉干批发价格 鳄鱼招财爪 泰国鳄鱼皮 广州鳄鱼皮批发 鳄鱼皮包包 鳄鱼皮钱包 鳄鱼皮皮鞋 顶级鳄鱼皮 鳄鱼皮表带 鳄鱼皮保养 鳄鱼皮批发价格 鳄鱼皮鉴别 鳄鱼养殖 鳄鱼种类 鳄鱼皮种类分别 鳄鱼皮包价格 鳄鱼皮鞋专卖店 泰国鳄鱼皮包 鳄鱼皮包保养 鳄鱼皮包官网 鳄鱼皮钱包 鳄鱼皮钱包官网 鳄鱼皮带批发 鳄鱼皮带厂家 鳄鱼皮带工厂 鳄鱼皮钱夹 鳄鱼皮钱包批发 鳄鱼皮钱包厂家 鳄鱼皮钱包工厂 生产鳄鱼皮钱包 鳄鱼皮腰带 鳄鱼皮带厂家直销 蛇皮工厂 生产鳄鱼皮带 鳄鱼皮女包 鳄鱼皮包批发 鳄鱼皮包厂家 鳄鱼皮包工厂 生产鳄鱼皮包 鳄鱼皮鞋批发 鳄鱼皮鞋厂家 鳄鱼皮鞋工厂 鳄鱼皮夹包 鳄鱼皮手包

  •  International Swimming Pools,Bath& SPA Expo  Shanghai International Swimming Pools,Bath& SPA Expo Shanghai


    welcome to visit our booth 鳄鱼皮种类分别 鳄鱼皮包价格 鳄鱼皮鞋专卖店 泰国鳄鱼皮包 鳄鱼皮包保养 鳄鱼皮包官网 鳄鱼皮钱包 鳄鱼皮钱包官网 鳄鱼皮带批发 鳄鱼皮带厂家 鳄鱼皮带工厂 鳄鱼皮钱夹 鳄鱼皮钱包批发 鳄鱼皮钱包厂家 鳄鱼皮钱包工厂 生产鳄鱼皮钱包 鳄鱼皮腰带 鳄鱼皮带厂家直销 蛇皮工厂 生产鳄鱼皮带 鳄鱼皮女包 鳄鱼皮包批发 鳄鱼皮包厂家 鳄鱼皮包工厂 生产鳄鱼皮包 鳄鱼皮鞋批发 鳄鱼皮鞋厂家 鳄鱼皮鞋工厂 鳄鱼皮夹包 鳄鱼皮手包 生产鳄鱼皮鞋 鳄鱼皮手夹包 鳄鱼皮手包批发 鳄鱼皮手包厂家 鳄鱼皮手包工厂 生产鳄鱼皮手包 鳄鱼皮批发 鳄鱼皮现货 鳄鱼皮 鳄鱼皮具批发 鳄鱼 鳄鱼皮具工厂 鳄鱼皮具厂 鳄鱼皮具厂家 鳄鱼皮厂家 鳄鱼皮具批发 鳄鱼皮包正品 鳄鱼皮正品 真鳄鱼皮 真正鳄鱼皮

  • Finish China Spring festrival holiday Finish China Spring festrival holiday


    Spring Festival The Spring festival is the most important festival in China. It is on february 16th according to the Chinese lunar calendar. It's China's New year's Day So usually a month before the festiva,people begin to buy food clothes and decorations for houses. On New Year Eve,each family will gather together eating, talking and watching TV for almost the whole night.The children are the happiest of all because they can get presents from their parents or grand-parents. On Lunar New Year's Day.pepole will eat dumplings. When they meet their neighbours or friends,they'll say:”Happy New Year!”The New Year celebrating activitise will last about half a month. 做一条鳄鱼皮表带要好久 鳄鱼皮标本制作 鳄鱼皮皮带里面是牛皮么 喜马拉雅鳄鱼皮多少錢 喜马拉雅皮包的投资价值 爱马仕喜马拉雅鳄鱼皮报价 鄂鱼皮包包 德尔沃鳄鱼 购买爱马仕喜马拉雅拍卖 鳄鱼头怎么制作标本 高光拱珠鳄鱼皮 表带真的是鳄鱼皮的吗 鳄鱼标本制作方法简单便宜 鳄鱼的人工孵化 白鳄鱼皮包 鳄鱼皮行情 什么钱包的皮用的时间长越漂亮 鳄鱼皮康康 鳄鱼皮具品牌描述 奥士顿马丁 鳄鱼皮带 铉神 lv包带怎么清理干净 鳄鱼皮具批发 喜马拉雅钻扣铂金包 厦门哪有卖鳄鱼手包 怎么风干鳄鱼爪子 hcp一张鳄鱼皮多少钱 鳄鱼皮表带会有裂纹吗 鳄鱼皮皮鞋定制 鳄鱼皮包包时尚搭配 hcp鳄鱼皮在哪儿买到 鳄鱼皮真假辨别 牛皮耐磨还是鳄鱼皮耐磨 真正的鳄鱼皮鞋哪里可以定制 拱珠鳄鱼 鳄鱼皮包包制作方法 爱马仕喜马拉雅包价格 鳄鱼是从蛋里孵出来的 喜马拉雅山包包价钱 如何辨别真假鳄鱼皮带 怎么验证鳄鱼皮是真是假 鳄皮价格 怎么区分牛皮和鳄鱼皮 鳄鱼皮皮带跟牛皮皮带怎么区分 hermes喜马拉雅多少钱 鳄鱼皮产地哪的好 鳄鱼皮腰带鉴别

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