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 Steam room series
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Intelligent touch screen newest Steam room KDL-2A

Ehance Your Lifestyle

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Product Detail

Tempered glass、Acrylic
304 Stainless steel/ Aluminium alloy
Control system:  
Smart control system
Intelligent touch screen 
wireless control panel, FM radio CD 
player、MP3、 Temperature/Time 
adjusting with top light、4.5kw 
steam generator、Lock function、 
Moveable thermotherapy shower tap 

1. Frame Color ( Black、Grey)
2. Plate Material option: 
    Imported Acrylic、Chinese Acrylic
3. Steam generator option:
    Imported steam generator
4. Installation accessories.

Steam room of different specifications for selection, click for more product details.

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Subject : Intelligent touch screen newest Steam room KDL-2A

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