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Pool filter ozone systems PK8012

Hot sale fiberglass portable inground all-in-one swimming pool filter
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Product Detail

1. Swimming pool ozone systems enclosure is made from fiberglass enhanced platic is durable and resistive to corrosion, rust, low temperature and UV.
2. High-quality filtration equipments to comply with the traditional sand filtration tank to ensure a thorough filtering and offer sparkling clean pool water.
3. Suitable for different shape and size of swimming pool.Selection of system components can be customized to your specific requirements.
4. Timer-controlled automation eliminates the need for manual power-on/off and professional staff for maintenance. 
5.The enclosure is water-tight and can drain water automatically.
6. Eliminate the need for building equipment rooms and installation, which saves much lobour and time. simple installation can be completed within hours.
7. The system consists of a subsystem for filtation, hydraulic massage, sanitizing, automatically drain water.
8. Equipped with salt water chlorinator, the most effective and widely used means for sanitization.
9. Quiet running. The noise level is under the national environment standard.

PK8012 swimming pool ozone systemsPK8012 swimming pool ozone systems

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Subject : Pool filter ozone systems PK8012

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