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  • swim spa
    Joyspa Outdoor Luxury Swim Spa

    Joyspa Outdoor Luxury Swim Spa 

  • pool swimming pool filter factory
    Wholesale Pool Swimming Pool Filter Series From China Factory

    Guangdong PIKES swimming pool pump and filter are the major product of our company, pool sand filter use quartz sand and fiberglass.We try to develop good quality and nice appearance products to meet our customers' variety requirements.

  • Swimming pool pump
    PB Series swimming pool Pump

    PB series swimming pool pump delivers high flow and energy efficiency ultra performance.Ring lock seal design to eliminate suction leaks and to maximize suction efficiency.

  • swimming pool Pump
    PR series pump for wave pool and fountain scenes

    Suitable for swimming pools, wave pools and fountain scenes, have a strong self-absorption capacity, high momentum, low noise, low temperature rise across the built-in professional hair insulation device, easy to clean, all parts made of high strength special plastic durable high-performance motor

  • swimming pool pumps
    CCPB series pump for water park/industrial water/oceans pavilion

    Metal pumps are molded with cast iron. It is solid and durable.The strainer with high capacity helps reducing cleaning work.Characterized by high performance and efficiency.It accelerates water injection rate and improves energy efficiency.Applicable to:swimming pool,industrial water,oceans pavilion,water park,etc....

  • salt cholorinator
    Pikes high quality swimming pool automaticl chlorinator

    Pikes high quality swimming pool disinfection system automatic salt chlorinator are an alternative means of sanitizing your pool with chlorine using the process  of electrolysis. The electrolysis process is achieved by passing the salt water solution through an electroytic cell which converts sodium chloride (salt) in the water into chlorine gas which,when dissolved in water become sodium hypochlorite(liquid chlorine).There are three size specification for automatic chlorinator . Swimming pool chlorinator is available in 50Hz or 60Hz with 220 voltage,Suitable for swimming pool and spa pool for disinfection system.

  • wall fountain with led light
    Pikes colorful water descent fountain with led light

    This colorful wall-mounted water desecnt waterfall fountainl has many sizes, it can creating various colorful water effects, bringing elegance and beauty to private gardens,swimming pools,parks and garden communities. Built-in waterproof LED waterfall fountain lightis to decorate water,There are many sizes of waterfalls to choose, and one controller can control several water systems,all wall fountain with led  will change color at the same time.

  • digital pool controller
    Pikes High Quality Swimming Pool Automatic Digital Pool Ph ORP Controller

    The ORP/PH digital controller automaticallly maintainsboth sanitizer ORP(oxidation-reduction potentail or redox) and water Ph in pools and spas .

  • swimming pool jet swim
    PK3000 counter current swimming pool jet swim made of Stainless steel and bronze

    Jet Swim is the perfect accessory for exercise, fitness and fun. With a Jet Swim counter current unit installed in the pool the training effect is that of a much larger pool. By swimming “on the spot” in the pool you can train and practice your swimming technique at the same time building up your strength and endurance. Jet Swim counter current unit also functions as a massage and rehabilitating muscle trainer. Of course, the children also love to bathe in the invigorating, bubbling current of water which can be varied in strength.

  • Pool Counter Current    swim jet
    PK2000 counter current swimming pool swim jet made of 304 Stainless steel

    PK2000 endless pool swim jet is made of 304 stainless steel. Use for swimming pool swimming pool trainning. The perfect accessory for swim exercise, fitness and fun. With a counterflow current unit installed in the pool the training effect is that of a much larger pool. This swim jet can use for concrete pool.

  •  swimming pool UV light
    Swimming Pool heat exchanger

    uv sterilizer for water treatment system  / basic equipment: >UV tube >High light transmittance quzrtz sleeve >electronic ballast >304/316stainless steel reactor >electric cabinet >Manual /automatic cleaning(optional)

  • pool heater exchanger
    Swimming Pool heat exchanger

    High capacity feeders offer user-friendly solution for sanitizing large residential and commercial swimming pool using either chlorine or bromine tablets.they are heavy duty and able to provide automatic sanitization for pools up to 608000litres.both in-line and off-line plumbing installations are available in 2 sizes.

  • pool heater
    Swimming Pool heat exchanger

    Features Heat Exchanges are highly engineered for fast heating,hign capacity and easy use.High capacity,multi-tubuar heat exchange.Primary inlet water circuit(heating agent). High effciency,low energy consumption.

  • pool lane rope
    new inventions swimming pool lane rope/swimming pool floats

    New inventions swimming pool lane rope,beaming color strong texture, making the beautiful stereoscopic vision

  • swimming pool cartridge filter
    Factory cheap price swimming pool water equipment cartridge filter

    Features 1)Compact and light 2)UV-resistant tank 3)Easy to service 4)Heavy duty ring-lock lid allows easy cleaning and replacement of the cartridge element 5)Screw type air bleeder for easy removal of the trapped air inside the filter tank 6)High quality oil filled pressure gauge


In-ground swimming pool filter 

Inground swimming pool filter has the advantages of sturdy and durable, rust-proof and low-temperature resistance.

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    Guangzhou , Shenzhen
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    one week
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Product Detail

High quality inground swimming pool filter

    Inground swimming pool filter enclosure is made of high quality fiberglass and polyvinyl chloride,has the advantages of sturdy and durable, rust-proof and low-temperature resistance ans anti-UV light, etc.
    Swimming pool filter is equipped with fiber timing automatic control system and automation system. It is easy to install and does not require special design room.

swimming pool filter

1370x 1000x 720mm
Flow rate 
380V / 50Hz  or 60Hz
Precision of filtration bag 
Operating noise
Filtration Pump 
Filtration basket with bag 
Chlorine feeder 
1x LED or 100W
Time controller 
Swim jet 
6'' Connection inlet  
Heater (optional)
Filtration system
Disinfection system
Time control system
Circle system
Lighting system

pool filter

swimming pool products

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Subject : In-ground swimming pool filter 

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    PIKES swimming pool filtration unit Feature: 1. No need machine house, saving construction cost. 2. Pipeless, saving cost of our swimming pool filter. 3. Acrylic shell:easy to clean, anti-corrosion, pressure and UV protection 4. Save energy, reduce power consumption. 5. Environmental protection, newest filter bag and high precision 6. More function in one machine, counter cross swimming, spa and air jet. 7. Easy installation

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