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Children swimming pool complete filtration system wall mount filter PK8020

PK8020 shell is made of high quality acrylic,and is a complete pool water fitration system for children swimming pool,Easy installation and operation.
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Product Detail

PK8020 complete filtration system wall mount filter for Children swimming pool

PK8020 is a complete pool water fitration system for children swimming pool , the shell is made of high quality acrylic, advantage is anti-acid, anti-fading, and easy to clean. Easy installation and operation.It is anti-acid,anti-fading,and easy to clean.Integrated filter no need machine room,excellent performance,thereby reducing the construction cost.

The swimming pool complete filtration system is made according to countries codes and standards.

small pool filter

small pool filter

1110x 670x 780mm
Flow rate 
10m³/h     15m³/h
220V / 50Hz  or 60Hz
Precision of filtration bag 
Operating noise
wall mounting
Filtration Pump 
1x1HP          1x1.5HP  
Filtration basket with bag 
Chlorine feeder 
1x LED or 100W
Time controller 
Swim jet 
Handle rail (S.S.) 
Heater (optional)
Filtration system
Disinfection system
Time control system
Circle system
Lighting system

small pool filter

small pool filter

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