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Pool pump problems 2023-03-30 09:49:48

The pool pump is an important part of your pool since it keeps your water fresh and clean. The pool pump pulls dirty water and sends it to the filter, and returns clean water to your pool for uninterrupted fun.

But a noisy, leaky or altogether broken pool pump can disrupt this cycle—and a relaxing afternoon. To help you address the warnings signs of trouble, we’re diagnosing and addressing five of the most common pool pump problems:

Problem: The pool pump turns on and off intermittently.

Solution: Identify why the pump is overheating.

When a pool pump cycles on and off, it generally means something is causing it to overheat. This can be caused by:

  • A jammed impeller. The impeller is the device on the front of the pump that pulls water in through the center and then sends it out through its veins.
  • Wiring that is too small. This generally occurs in pumps that have just been installed.
  • Bad bearings. This is typically caused by age.

Problem: Your pool pump will not turn on.

Solution: Determine whether the problem is internal or external.

When a pump won’t turn on, there is often a faulty power source at play. Check all relevant circuit breakers or switches to make sure the pump is getting power. If that doesn’t work check to see if there are any timers or automated controls connected to the pump. If the pump is on a schedule, it may not respond to manual commands.

If you still get no response, your pump may have experienced a mechanical failure.

Problem: Your pool pump is noisy.

Solution: Ensure the pump has not been disturbed.

If your pump is making a vibrating sound, make sure there is nothing leaning against or touching the pump.

Whether you’re able to fix your pool pump problem on your own or you need to call a pool professional, it’s important to take action sooner rather than later.

Experiencing a problem with your pool pump not listed above? Feel free to contact us at +8613928998562, and our website: www.pikespool.com

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