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Inground pool equipment 2023-03-30 10:09:30

We sell inexpensive inground pool kits for under $2000 - below 200m3 pool , with basic equipment - a pump and a sand filter, chlorinator feeder, water heater.

But nearly all pool packages end up costing a lot more because people like a larger pool with some curves to it, and can see the benefit of additional or upgraded equipment for cleaning, heating, filtering and purifying or enjoying the pool water.

The best way to buy an inground pool kit is ... slowly. Take the time to understand the myriad options/upgrades so that you can build your own pool the way you want, and design your pool for safety, ease of use, and maximum enjoyment.

I do not know why it is , but each pool equipment category has 3 Types...

Pool Pumps

Our pool kits come with a single speed pump, Larger or deeper pools, or for pools with several wall skimmers or an attached spa will benefit from a larger pump. We will help you with the math, to find the perfect pool pump to match additional equipment or a larger pool. we may suggest that you also increase the size of some of the pipes, from 1.5" to 2" PVC, to accommodate higher flow rates at lower pressure and resistance. And, larger pumps go with larger filters, so a filter upgrade may also be needed.

More information on pool pumps ~

Pool Filters:

The pool kits come with differnet size filter. different pump suitable for different size; When pump size is increased to 2hp , the filter size also needs to be increased, to a 27" or 31" pikes pool  filter. Even with a standard pool pump, a larger pool filter is always a smart upgrade that pays off every year, in lower maintenance and cleaner water.

A cartridge filter will filter your water better than any sand filter, and can go an entire season before being cleaned. They also save water, unlike sand and DE filters, which can waste 500 gallons of water during each backwash or cleaning.

More information on pool filters ~

Pool Heaters

Our inground pool kits do not include a pool heater, and it's normally the first upgrade suggested, unless you live in the deep south. Just like there are 3 different pump and filter types,

Electric Heat Pumps take the heat from the outside air, compress it and use the heat to warm the pool water as it passes through. Heat pumps heat slowly (3-5 degrees per day), but very cheaply ($100+ per month), and do not heat at all if the outside air temp is lower than 50°.

More information on pool heaters ~

Pool Purifiers

Inground pools are usually sanitized with chlorine, either from tablets or from a salt chlorinator. If you want to reduce the amount of chlorine needed, you can install a purifier to supplement your chlorine, and cut your usage in half.

Ozonators create ozone and then pump it into an injection manifold where it instantly sanitizes the water, and continues to disinfect until the tiny gas bubble floats to the surface of the pool. Wall mounted units install easily.

UV Systems use ultraviolet radiation to zap impurities and contaminants in the water as it passes under the blue light. UV radiation for pools is the newest technology, but completely safe, effective and easy to use. As with other pool purifier types, you can dramatically reduce chlorine use.

More information on pool purifiers ~

Interesting, isn't it? Each category of pool products has 3 distinct product types - not just Good, Better, Best - but 3 completely different methods to accomplish the same thing!

Equipment selection and planning is just one of those areas where the valuable advice and help from the Pool Experts is especially useful. But we do not stop there - when you purchase an in-ground pool kit, you get dedicated, free, unlimited support by email/phone - by experts who have actually built our vinyl pool kits themselves.

Every step of the way - you can build your own inground pool, and we can show you how to do it!

all kinds of pool equipment for 200m3 you can enjoy your pool like this

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